7 common types of pattern repeats in Surface Pattern Design

There are many different ways to make patterns as a surface pattern designer. Being able to use multiple types of repeats can improve your pattern-making. Here are 7 common types of pattern repeats.

Fulldrop/Basic Repeat

This is the most common type of repeat, and it’s also the simplest one. Made up of squares that are repeated in a basic grid.

Half-drop Repeat

The half-drop repeat is another very common type of repeat, where the squares are stacked and then halfway offset in the next column. This makes the repeat less noticeable.

Brick Repeat

A brick repeat is similar to the half-drop, but the offset occurs in the other direction.

Tossed/Random repeat

Another common repeat type is the tossed or random repeat. Here all the motifs are randomly placed in all different ways within the repeat square, to make the repeat much less noticeable. This makes for a very organic design.

Diamond repeat

A diamond repeat is simply stacked diamonds. This creates a diagonal pattern repeat.

Ogee repeat

The Ogee repeat is a rounded shape with thin edges on the top and bottom and is stacked similarly to the diamond repeat.

Scales repeat

In a scale repeat, you have the motifs tightly lined up in a scaled shape and then stacked just as a half-drop.

Keep experimenting with the types of repeats, to get the feeling and look on your pattern that you want. Using a different repeat type can really change both the look and feel of a pattern.

Now you know how to make the different types of repeats.

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