Procreate Brush Organization

Tips to get your brushes organized in Procreate

Brushes can be the best part of Procreate. You find some free, add some bought sets, and suddenly you have a ton of brushes.

The most frustrating part is finding that special brush that you need for a certain project, and you spend a bunch of time looking through all of your brush sets to find it. There is no amazing way to keep brushes organized in Procreate since you can not nest folders. But there are some great ways to work around this, and I’m going to share them all with you!

Make a favorite brush set

The first thing I would do is make a favorite brush set, with all of the brushes that you use on a regular basis. Mine includes a monoline brush, an inking brush, some texture brushes, and my signature stamp brushes. This makes it easy to use and to switch between the brushes I use the most.

Pin a recent brush

A newer feature in Procreate is the recent brush category. Here you will see your 10 last used brushes, and you can swipe left on a brush and pin it, to always keep it in the recent category. You can also swipe left and press find, and Procreate will locate where that brush is stored.

Consolidate sets

Another way to make brushes easier to find is to have fewer brush sets. You can move brushes between sets, and for example, have all of your watercolor brushes in one set. To move a brush, tap and hold on the brush, and simply drag it over to another set.

Use sub-categories

If you have fewer but bigger brush sets, the brush sets themselves can be harder to find. I like to use some subcategories in my brush sets, and how I do that is that I make a stamp brush with the subcategory name. Then I just place the divider brush where I want to divide my brushes. Here’s an example of what that looks like:

Divide sets with another brushset

Another way to find your brushes easier is to make an empty divider set, that you name with emojis or something, that stands out, and then put all of the related brushsets below that. This would look something like this:

Backup your brushes to the cloud

Make sure that you back up your brushsets to the cloud so that you don’t lose them, with something like iCloud, Dropbox, or Onedrive.

This is a great way to keep brushes that you don’t use so often, but still want to keep. Then you can just import them when you need to use them!

A free brushset with a divider brush!

Click here to download.

To edit the brush yourself: add some black text to a square canvas, swipe down with three fingers, and choose copy all. go into the brush by tapping on it, choose shape source, import, paste, click with two fingers to invert, and then press done. Then save the brush.

Pin these for later!

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