3 ways to use pattern brushes in Procreate

Pattern Brushes are very popular in Procreate, and very fun to use. So you’ve bought, downloaded (or made) some pattern brushes, and now you might wonder what to do with them. Here are 3 different ways to use pattern brushes in your artwork in Procreate.

1. For clothing

One amazing way to add interest to your clothing illustrations is to add a pattern brush to it. Different patterns change the feel and look of the clothes.

2. For objects

Any object you draw can have a pattern if you’d like. This adds interest and another layer of color.

3. For backgrounds

A background is the perfect place to add your pattern brush for some interest. I usually play with blending modes and what color to use to make the pattern blend into the background.

Two tips for working with pattern brushes

1. Warping the pattern to match the object

One tip I have is to warp the pattern with the transform tool, to make the pattern fit whatever shape that you are working with. You can also move the pattern with the liquify tool, but here you have to be a bit more careful as to how much you move the pattern so that it still keeps the main pattern intact.

2. Change the blend mode and play with the color

Another thing you can do with the pattern brushes is to change the blend mode. Multiply will give a tone on tone that is darker. Color burn and linear burn are also fun to play with for a darker look. But try them out and see which one you like the best!

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I’m Malin, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Sweden. I create high-quality procreate brushes, handmade fonts as well as illustrations, and surface pattern designs. I hope you’ll find everything here on the blog pretty useful!

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