My top 5 Skillshare teachers for design and illustration

I’m always looking to learn new stuff, and my go-to space is Skillshare. It’s basically like Netflix but for learning, with classes in all types of subjects. Over the years, I’ve taken a bunch of classes from many different teachers, and these are the teachers that I come back to over and over again.

Since I mostly make digital illustrations and digital designs in Procreate or Affinity Designer, this is what these teachers have classes about.

1. Liz Kohler Brown

Liz has a bunch of classes, mostly about Procreate, lettering, and art licensing. She is very good for beginners with most of her classes but has a few newer classes for a bit more advanced studies.

For starting to learn about surface pattern design try this class: Design a Pattern Collection on Your iPad

If you are interested in learning how to make beautiful illustrations for Instagram; try the class Flatlay Illustrations

Find all of Liz’s classes here.

2. Jennifer Nichols

Jennifer is an amazing teacher who makes amazing illustrations and great patterns. She also has a lot of classes on making brushes in Procreate!

Start with this class about the brush studio Boost Your Procreate Brush-Making Skills: Understanding the Brush Studio

Another great class about illustration is Soft Pastels in Procreate: Learn to Draw Birds by Creating a Gorgeous Chickadee

Or try some more advanced pattern designs in Procreate with this Advanced Repeat Patterns in Procreate: Beyond the Basics

Find all of Jennifers’s classes here.

3. Tracey Capone

Tracey is another great teacher. Her style focuses a lot on texture, and different ways to make the most out of Affinity Designer.

If you are a beginner with Affinity, this class is amazing and teaches you what you need to start using the program: A Beginner Guide to Affinity Designer | Textured Florals on the iPad

Find all of Tracey’s classes here.

4. Weronika Salach

Weronika is a newer teacher (to me) but I absolutely love her classes about Affinity Designer and about making patterns!

This new way of working with automated designs that she teaches in Surface Pattern Design: Automated Diamond Repeat in Affinity Designer has revolutionized how I make my patterns in Affinity, so I highly recommend this class!

I have a bunch of templates in the design vault that uses this method, so sign up for my newsletter if you are interested in these!

Find all of Weronika’s classes here.

5. Maja Faber

Maja has a bunch of classes covering a multitude of topics regarding design and illustration.

I highly recommend her class Design a Pattern Collection in Procreate for Spoonflower if you are interested in pattern design!

Find all of Maja’s classes here.

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