I’m MAD, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Sweden. I create high-quality procreate brushes, handmade fonts as well as illustrations, and surface pattern designs. I also design websites such as this one, on WordPress with Elementor.

I’ve always been creative, and I started my art journey with scrapbooking a few years ago. I found myself frustrated with the cost of all the materials, as well as the disorganization in my space with all my art supplies. During the pandemic, I found digital art and I was obsessed. I no longer had to buy expensive materials or throw away pieces that I didn’t succeed with. In the digital world, all you have to do is start a new canvas or use the digital tools such as undo and redo. Procreate is my favorite art program, and where I do most of my drawings. I also use Affinity Designer, and ifontmaker to make all my fonts.

As a designer and illustrator, I am self-educated. I work continuously on my skills and experience. I’m taking classes on Skillshare and continue to take on new projects and push myself on a regular basis. Design is my passion and I’ve found enthusiasm for creating products, especially fonts and brushes for Procreate. I also love web design and love to make new websites with Elementor.

Personally, I’m dealing with both autism, ADHD, and mental illness, and my art is my safe space.

Contact me to work with me or visit my portfolio to see more of my work.

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